Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 7th meeting and hike

On July 7th we will have our first meeting and hike.  We'll get together at the pavilion on the other side of the creek at 9:00 am and then we'll go for a hike.  Pretty simple, but that's the beauty of this plan.

Wear boots for sure.  Some of the trail is still pretty new and not beat down yet.

Hope to see you thee, Howard

Monday, May 21, 2018

Our trails

After years of neglect a few of us are taking the initiative to cut new trails, reopen old ones, and start a hiking committee, we'll call it the trail masters, unless someone has a better idea.  All of the member of our chapter are invited to take part.  This is the very beginning of this group.  If there is interest it will grow.  If not, it will die.  Look to the right and you will see a box that you can enter your email in.  If you do that whenever we post you will get an email in your inbox. 

And please feel free to comment below.

All journeys start with a single step.  Here we go...